Hearing Aid Services

hearing-aidsDid you know that there are 31 million Americans who have hearing loss? According to a report issued by the Better Hearing Institute in 2005, half of these Americans are under the age of 65. Hearing loss has become one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions in the United States. Fortunately, most hearing losses can be helped by individually selected, prescribed and fitted hearing aids. The certified and licensed audiologists at ENT Consultants are committed to providing you with the best hearing health care and highest quality hearing aids in West Michigan.

How do I determine if I have a hearing problem?

Hearing loss can be an invisible problem. Many hearing losses occur gradually therefore the signs are more difficult to notice. You many need to see an audiologist if:

  • Your family complains the TV or radio is too loud.
  • People seem to mumble when they speak.
  • You can hear people speaking, but cannot quite understand what they are saying.
  • You frequently ask people to repeat what they are saying.
  • You have a difficult time understanding conversations in a group setting.
  • You experience ringing or roaring in your ears.
  • It is hard to hear conversations while on the telephone.

Am I a hearing aid candidate?

It is important that you see a licensed and certified audiologist who can accurately test your hearing in a sound booth. They will be able to determine the degree of your hearing loss. They will be able to advise you whether your hearing warrants medical attention from an Ear, Nose and Throat physician. If it is determined that you would benefit from a hearing aid, you must honestly ask yourself this question…”Am I am hearing aid candidate?” A hearing aid can only be a successful option if you are able to recognize the difficulties you are experiencing, and sincerely want to improve the quality of your life. If you are ready to take the next step, consider making an appointment for a hearing aid evaluation.

What is a hearing aid evaluation?

A hearing aid evaluation includes an audiogram (hearing test) performed by one of our audiologists in a sound booth. The audiologist will review your hearing test results with you in a way that is easy to understand. Based on her findings, the audiologist will show you various hearing aid technology that would specifically benefit your type of hearing loss. In some instances, you may be able to borrow a hearing aid prior to purchasing the product. Any and all questions that you have will be answered during this session. There is no charge for the hearing aid evaluation if you wish to proceed with the purchase of a hearing aid.

What are the benefits of a hearing aid?

The use of a hearing aid can improve relationships with your family and friends. Those you love may no longer have to repeat what they are saying in order for you to understand them. Hearing aids can also improve your feelings about yourself, promoting self confidence. They can also offer greater independence and security by allowing you to communicate with others without strain or frustration.

Realistic Expectations

When becoming accustomed to your new hearing device, please keep in mind the following-

  • Relearning to hear with amplification takes time and willingness to practice.
  • Be patient with yourself as you learn to handle your new instrument. The controls and batteries are smaller than commonly used items. Insertion, removal and adjustments take time and practice.
  • Your device amplifies the specific frequencies you need for better understanding. Many sounds, like your own voice, will sound different until you get used to amplified sound.
  • Hearing aids will not restore your hearing capabilities to ‘normal’ or preexisting levels.
  • Your positive attitude and commitment are the most important part of better hearing!

Services offered by the Audiology Department at ENT Consultants, PLC:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation of Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Dispensing
  • Hearing Aid Education, Counseling and Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Hearing and Ear Protection (custom swim plugs, custom hearing protection and musician hearing protection)
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